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The Right to Time Off Work

Many employees are unaware that they have a statutory right to take reasonable time off work without pay in cases of emergency.  Sections 57A and 57B of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (“ERA”) permit employees to take reasonable unpaid leave … Continue reading

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Super injunctions and Privacy: Why all the fuss?

Lawyers around the country are familiar with the day to day tool by which a client can obtain an injunction – a court order requiring his opponent either to do something specific, or (very frequently) not to do certain acts. … Continue reading

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Tempting fate: Do the Agency Workers Regulations spell the end for the long-term Temp?

From 1 October 2011, a new set of Regulations will provide equal treatment for agency workers in respect of their fundamental working conditions, in comparison with permanent employees. Once the agency worker completes a 12-week qualifying period, he or she … Continue reading

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