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Whitman v Club 24 Limited t/a Ventura

In a recent case the Leeds Employment Tribunal have considered a subject that has been of increasing concern to employers in recent years: alleged misuse of social media by employees. Two caveats to this case are that: a) it very … Continue reading

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Sport . . .To Tax or not to Tax, that is the Question?

Following the decision by Rafael Nadal   to play in the Gerry Weber Open at Halle next year instead of the AEGON Championships, having reportedly been offered £750,000 by the tournament, it would be easy to say it was simply because … Continue reading

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New Housing Strategy

Earlier this week, the prime minister trumpeted a new housing strategy to make it easier for people in England to buy or rent homes. The main elements are: a mortgage guarantee scheme to encourage lenders to offer 95% mortgages to … Continue reading

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Cohabiting Couples Continue to Wait for Reform

On 6 September the government announced that during this current parliamentary term it would not take forward the Law Commission’s recommendations for reform of the law that applies to cohabitants when they separate. Many clients wrongly believe that if they … Continue reading

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Union and League, Different Rules, Same Challenges!

The month of October saw both codes of rugby reach a climax with the Rugby World Cup Final in the 15-man version and the Super League Grand Final in the 13-man game. Although the rules and dynamics of the game for … Continue reading

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Jones -v- Kernott – Further Uncertainty for Unmarried Couples who Separate

The long awaited decision of the Supreme Court in Jones v Kernott [2011] UKSC 53 has finally been released today.  This case illustrates the continuing uncertainly that continues to surround cases involving unmarried couples who separate. If a married couple split … Continue reading

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The Problem with Homemade Wills

There has recently been a landmark Court ruling in which a Will was overruled because all the formalities needed to make a valid Will had not been complied with.  The Wills Act dates back to 1837 and sets out certain … Continue reading

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A wise man knows what’s watt.

The Solar industry was eclipsed earlier this week when the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced drastic cuts of 50% to the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) scheme.  Originally the cuts were only expected to affect people who fitted panels after … Continue reading

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