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Thoroughly Modern Billy

New proposals issued by the government aim to radically change the statutory framework for parental leave to raise a newborn. Traditionally the position is: Men have a statutory 2 week right to paternity leave; and Women can take up to a year … Continue reading

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Government rejects advice to regulate will writing

We are disappointed to hear the recent news that despite a two year investigation by the Legal Services Board the Government has rejected the advice to make will writing a regulated activity. This is despite comprehensive evidence that the interests … Continue reading

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Wayne Jacobs Blog – Passion for a City.

Sunday 24th February and Saturday 18th May were both proud days for me personally as I watched Bradford City Football Club step out onto the Wembley turf. It was a fantastic achievement getting to both the Capital One cup final … Continue reading

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Care Quality Commission Inspections: Are Your Policies up to Scratch?

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) now inspects all GP practices in England to ensure that national standards of quality and safety are being met locally. Such inspections are to take place at least every two years and, whilst 48 hours … Continue reading

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Minimum Pricing

Alcohol is the socially acceptable intoxicant of modern society; but its anti-social attributes and costs have long caused anxiety with sections of that same society. Minimum pricing of alcohol has been viewed as a mechanism for curbing many of the … Continue reading

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Who will benefit from the CSA’s new “gross income scheme”?

For many years the Child Support Agency (CSA) have based their assessments upon the “non-resident parent” paying a percentage of their net income. That percentage has been 15% for one qualifying child, 20% if there are two children and 25% … Continue reading

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A warning to dishonest personal injury Claimants

When in 2008 Barbara Fari tripped over damaged paving and injured her knee, she decided, as many people do, to make an injury claim against Homes for Haringey, who admitted liability early on. Mrs Fari alleged that the accident had … Continue reading

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Relegation Clauses – Do clubs have a contingency plan in place?

It is that time of the season again when the Premiership trap door is looming for a number of clubs who find themselves in the bottom half of the table. QPR and Reading’s fate has already been sealed with both … Continue reading

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Martin House Dragon Boat Race. It’s not the winning…!

Yesterday saw the return of the Blacks Magic team in the annual Martin House Dragon Boat Race at Roundhay Park. Our rowers this year were captain Anna Rollinson, Aimee Hutchinson, Alex Hall, Euan Lawrence, James Teagle, Jenny Neary, Nicholas Dyson, … Continue reading

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There’s no such thing as a free game

The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (the Regulations) (see Guidance here) seeks to protect consumers from unscrupulous selling tactics. In the age of the internet, particularly on smartphones and tablet computers, the public are given easy access to … Continue reading

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