The Sweet Success

Ailsa Pemberton

Ailsa Pemberton

Celebrity endorsement can reap huge rewards for a brand. But I wonder how many celebrities have considered changing their name to match that of the goods or services they are promoting.

As if the brand name wasn’t close enough already, it was reported earlier this week that the tennis player Maria Sharapova was considering changing her name to Sugarpova for the duration of the US Open which starts on Monday . Maria set up the sweet company last year which has varieties such as Flirty, Quirky and Smitten. This could have been quite a marketing campaign for the company as the name change was to be coupled with the use of the company’s logo, a pair of red lips, on her tournament clothing.

It was claimed that an application for the temporary change of name had been made to the Supreme Court of Florida and looked likely to proceed. In order to gain the maximum publicity Maria would have still needed the backing of the Grand Slam committee to be referred to as Miss Sugarpova throughout the tournament. I was wondering if this was a case of celebrity endorsement gone mad?

However, the initial reports were rebuffed when her agent released a statement. It appears that, due to Maria’s travel commitments immediately after the tournament, the change of name would have created a logistical nightmare.

Whether or not the initial reports were correct or not, the publicity generated has certainly raised brand awareness, a tidy result for doing very little!

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