Jabber from the Gabba; @CAllenBlacks gets the low down from @GaleyLad


Chris Allen

140114Both myself and Andrew Gale are heavily active on Twitter but with only 140 characters to play with per Tweet I thought I’d share with you our recent catch-up so you can find out how @GaleyLad is getting on in a land down under:-

@CAllenBlacks: Now then Galey, How’s it going in OZ?

@GaleyLad: Hi Chris, things are going really well out here. The weather has been a bit up and down but I guess that’s made me feel at home!!

@CAllenBlacks: Why did you decide to go?

@GaleyLad: I’ve got a young family and over the next few years I probably won’t have the opportunity to do something like this again. I’m the sort of player that improves from hitting a lot of balls so going overseas to continue my development made sense. There’s only so many winters of running up hills in the snow that I could take!

@CAllenBlacks: Has it lived up to your expectations?

@GaleyLad: Yes, the standard of the cricket is very good. In my first game I came up against Dimi Mascarnhas, David Hussey and Bryce McGain, who have all played international cricket. The club has been fantastic in making me feel very welcome and the players have made me feel at home.

@CAllenBlacks: Tell me a bit about the club you are playing for?

@GaleyLad: The club is called Dandenong CC, which is situated inland just South of Melbourne. The club has a great history in producing top players. Players such as Peter Siddle, Darren & James Pattinson, Cameron White and Ian Harvey have all played for the club to name a few.

@CAllenBlacks: How long are you out there for?

@GaleyLad: I am out here till the end of February before I link back up with the Yorkshire lads.

@CAllenBlacks: What goals have you set yourself during the winter break?

@GaleyLad: I obviously want to maintain my high standard of fitness that I have set myself over the years whilst continuing to develop my all round cricket. Although I am 30 years old now you are never too old to learn and continue your development. I didn’t have the best start to the season last year so I really want to work hard on hitting my straps when I get back to Yorkshire.

@CAllenBlacks: What are you doing in your spare time?

@GaleyLad: Mainly gym work, cricket training and a bit of sightseeing. I’ve caught up with a few old friends in Melbourne.

@CAllenBlacks: How’s the Ashes being billed down there?

@GaleyLad: I do love the Australian culture out here of playing the game really hard but I think the press and players have over stepped the mark at times. England are a great team who have reached no1 in the world in the last few years, the press over here have completely written them off but I expect them to bounce straight back. They have got a solid bunch of players who have proven themselves time and time again at Test level, write them off at your own peril!

@CAllenBlacks: Have you had chance to meet up with our England players?

@GaleyLad: I had Tim Bresnan round for Xmas dinner to make sure he got the right pre match meal before the Boxing Day test! I caught up with the rest of the Yorkshire lads following the Test Match in Melbourne.


@CAllenBlacks: Enough of making us jealous of all that Australia has to offer, What excites you about 2014 back in God’s own County?

@GaleyLad: Challenging again to win a trophy. We came extremely close last year and I know it still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of all the players that we didn’t get over the line. The players will be leaving no stone unturned to push even harder in 2014.


@CAllenBlacks: What will be Yorkshire CCC’s priority? County  Championship, the One dayers or the t20? Can we compete on all three fronts?

@GaleyLad: Obviously the club is very traditional and our main priority is Championship cricket but by no means does this mean we won’t be trying in the other comps. Our one day and t20 form last year was unacceptable and something we are striving to improve. After our good t20 form in 2012 we were disappointed not to back it up so we will be working very hard to get back to the standards we set.


@CAllenBlacks: What are your thoughts on the fixture list?

@GaleyLad: I don’t tend to look too much further than the first month of the season to be honest. If I look at the fixtures as a whole it just looks like a big blur. The first fixtures I look for are the Roses games and the Scarborough games, they are the ones that Yorkshire players enjoy getting their teeth into! Obviously the first trip down to Taunton for the first game will be difficult, they are a good team who didn’t perform as well as they wanted in 2013 so they will be looking to put that right in 2014 so we will have to be on top form.

@CAllenBlacks: Top Man Galey, thanks for your time. We look forward to seeing you back on home turf putting bat on ball with the White Rose on your chest.

@GaleyLad: Thanks Chris, Catch up soon!

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