Heart Research UK – A National Charity based in Leeds.

32  Three Peaks re-wind1 (4)In central Leeds, near the Town Hall, Heart Research UK has its offices.

Heart Research UK has been in the forefront of that battle in the prevention, treatment and cure of heart disease since 1967 when Leeds heart surgeon David Watson founded the charity.

Since then we have funded ground-breaking, cutting-edge medical research, helped educate people in healthy lifestyles and funded  masterclasses  for  heart surgeons of tomorrow.

HRUK funds over £1m of research every year, and is currently supporting £4m  in UK universities, hospitals and centres of excellence. With the help of supporters and partners,  across the UK, we pride ourselves in being innovative and our pioneering approach has allowed us to help make many medical breakthroughs a reality.

Our top HRUK highlights and achievements are:

  • six of the first eight successful heart transplants in the UK were funded by us
  • We supported the development of a revolutionary heart valve, one of the most reliable in use in the world today
  • We paid for the world’s first artificial heart pump (LVAD) implanted into a patient who became the longest survivor with a mechanical heart device.
  • We run unique and innovative Masterclasses that update clinicians and surgeons on the latest techniques and best practice in their field
  • We are funding a children’s rehabilitation initiative to make sure young people receive the best programme of care possible after heart surgery
  • We have given over £1m to communities to encourage lifestyle changes that reduce their risk of heart disease
  • We reach thousands of school children with the Healthy Heart message and created a Healthy Heart achievement badge for Brownie groups all over the UK

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What we do for businesses

Healthy Heart Mark

The Healthy Heart Mark programme allows organisations to achieve an employer award in recognition of their commitment to providing an environment and culture that promotes and enables better heart-health for their employees.

Healthy Heart Checks

In addition to the above we also offer Healthy Heart Checks to staff, giving them a chance to review their lifestyle and seek expert advice – often making changes that improve their chances of living healthier and happier lives.

Healthy Heart Tip

Each week we issue a Healthy Heart Tip to media contacts, partners and via social media and our website. It covers various lifestyle topics giving advice and top tips on how to live a heart healthy lifestyle.

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Get Involved 

We want to provide more grants to  help improve the lives of people of all ages, who have heart disease. We are keen to recruit more volunteers from all over the UK and we are particularly interested to talk to companies about ways in which they can get involved. We provide excellent support to all our supporters.

We are currently recruiting participants for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Walk on June 21st and we have added an easier, 14 mile Valley Walk, on the same day, alongside the main event.

In addition there are opportunities for volunteering.

There are many more opportunities for people to get involved and to contact them please call Brian Curran on 0113 297 6204 or email manager@heartresearch.org.uk

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