World Intellectual Property Day

This is celebrated every year on April 26. In its 14th year the official theme in 2014 is: Movies – A Global Passion  .The theme stems from the centenary of what is considered to be the invention of the modern film – when Charlie Chaplin created the Tramp. Worldwide the big question being posed is “Why are people passionate about movies?”.

Phil Gorski

Phil Gorski

Movies are probably not an integral part of many businesses, but intellectual property is widespread. So in celebration of World IP Day, we at Blacks Solicitors are holding an open twitter forum on Friday April 25 between 10am and 12noon On hand will be: me, Ailsa Pemberton, intellectual property law specialist; Phil Gorski,
intellectual property dispute specialist; and Pete Bott, Music Media and Entertainment specialist. Tweet your answer to the big question, tell us your favourite film, or comment on, or ask questions about, any aspect of intellectual property.

How long do patents last? Why register a trade mark? I need funding, how can I protect my IP? Help, someone is using my brand. How do I license my software? Can I use this business name? I’ve designed a hat, can I protect it? Hey, that’s my book you are printing.

Ailsa Pemberton

Ailsa Pemberton

We’d all be delighted if you would join in and make it a lively discussion.

Ailsa Pemberton
Intellectual Property
0113 227 9260

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