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Holding Over (Contracted Out Tenancies)

At the expiry of a contracted-out lease1relating to commercial premises, the tenant has no automatic right to remain in situ. Whereas, if the provisions have not been excluded then the tenant will be entitled to remain unless one of the … Continue reading

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Reinstatement Obligations – Who, What, Why, Where, When?

What is reinstatement? The connotations of the word ‘reinstatement’ suggest it is something to be dealt with at the end of the lease term. And to some extent it is. Reinstatement concerns the ‘putting right’ of a property at the … Continue reading

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New consumer protections against misleading and aggressive sales practices

The Department for Business Innovation & Skills (“BIS”) has published guidance for businesses on the new Consumer Protection (Amendment) Regulations 2014 (“Regulations”). In brief, the Regulations amend the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 and give new rights of … Continue reading

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Termination of Commercial Agencies: contrasting the position with employees

In the first article we looked at the history of commercial agency in the UK and defined what the phrase “commercial agent” means.  In this second article, we look at the subject of terminating a commercial agency and contrast the … Continue reading

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Dilapidations – What’s the Crack?

What are Dilapidations? Dilapidations are often defined as being “items in need of repair to comply with a tenant’s obligations both to repair the property and to return the property to the landlord in accordance with the lease”. Most commercial … Continue reading

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Who owns the copyright in a monkey selfie?

In 2011, UK wildlife photographer David Slater was taking photos of crested black macaque monkeys in Indonesia when one of the monkeys snatched his camera and took a series of photos of itself. One of these photos, an amusing grinning … Continue reading

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Shanks for Nothing

In a previous article we looked at the employee invention compensation case of Unilever plc –v- Shanks, where the Court held that an employee was entitled to a fair share of his employer’s royalties derived from an invention over which … Continue reading

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Parliament passes right to caricature, parody and pastiche law

Following a vote in the House of Lords, a law has now been passed that will allow people to alter copyrighted work for “caricature, parody and pastiche”.  The new law, called the Copyright and Rights in Performances (Quotation and Parody) … Continue reading

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Spam a Lot

A court has ordered retail department store giant John Lewis to pay damages to an individual for sending “spam” emails to customers. The successful Claimant, Mr Roddy Mansfield, a producer for Sky News, brought the case against John Lewis under … Continue reading

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