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Best Law firm in Yorkshire…for Touch Rugby

Last night saw team @LawBlacks take part in the annual Wooden Spoon touch rugby tournament, with the heightened excitement this year of playing on the hallowed turf of Headingley stadium. With the rugby union World Cup coming to the city … Continue reading

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Service Charge in Leases – Short-term gain could mean long-term pain

Where there is ambiguity in a contract or a lease the Courts can interpret the wording in the clause using commercial common sense. In the recent case of Arnold v Britton the Supreme Court was asked, on appeal by a … Continue reading

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Lego Figures Found in EU Court

As competitors have increasingly began to threaten Danish toy company Lego in making somewhat similar toys, the question has turned upon what in fact Lego owns in relation to its figures and whether a competitor would infringe Lego’s rights in … Continue reading

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E-Cigarettes: No smoke, but the potential for fire

According to a report in 2014 there are 2.1 million users of E-Cigarettes in the UK. With their meteoric rise in popularity comes aggressive debate about their safety and serious questions about their legal status. Some studies suggest that they … Continue reading

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Opening the Door to Property Fraud

Mortgage fraud is big business, whether for straight profit, by obtaining finance on a property under false pretences, or as a method of laundering money gained by criminal means. What should a property owner look out for? Here are a … Continue reading

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Landlords beware – further expansion of Tenancy Deposit Schemes!

Following on from the introduction of Tenancy Deposits Schemes on 6th April 2007, the Housing Act 2004 has now been amended further to expand and give more protection to Tenants and deposits paid under Assured Shorthold Tenancies. Previously, a landlord … Continue reading

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The drive to less paperwork

Employers who provide company vehicles – or who expect employees to make use of their own – will generally make it an express term of an employee’s contract that, for example: the employee must hold a current UK driving licence … Continue reading

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The Price of Dishonesty in Divorce

Permission has now been given to two divorcees to re-examine the issue of dishonesty when disclosing financial information pending a divorce before the Supreme Court. Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil accepted financial settlements from their former husbands but both turned … Continue reading

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Surrogacy Gone Wrong – High Court Orders Mother to Hand over Child to Gay Couple

About 2,000 children are thought to be born to surrogate mothers every year in the UK. However, unlike the comprehensive framework adopted in certain countries there exists a lacuna within family law where some semblance of a statutory framework covering … Continue reading

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How will the Queen’s Speech 2015 affect UK Employment Law?

On 27 May 2015, the Queen delivered her 62nd Queen’s Speech at the State Opening of Parliament.  The event was arguably more notable for the absence of the traditional quip by Labour veteran MP Dennis Skinner (the result of fighting … Continue reading

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