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Inheritance Tax: the nil rate band goes up to £1million! (but does it really?)

Following the Tory election victory in May, Chancellor George Osborne announced his intention to introduce changes to the inheritance tax rules. Currently, each person can leave £325,000 free of inheritance tax (the ‘nil rate band’) and therefore a married couple … Continue reading

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Stamford Bridge over troubled waters; Chelsea FC’s Employment law blues

Jose Mourinho is once again the talk of the back pages, but this time it’s for all the wrong reasons. The self-proclaimed ‘special one’ may have landed the Blues in a crisis after a series of highly publicised events that … Continue reading

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“Happy Birthday” Copyright – no more happy returns

Since 1988 the company Warner/Chappell Music has collected copyright royalties in relation to the song Happy Birthday.  A recent judgment in the US has put an end to that. If you are a copyright owner you’re entitled to charge for … Continue reading

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Come Clean With Your Insurers

The Commercial Court’s recent decision in the case of Brit UW Limited and F&B Trenchless Solutions Limited serves as useful reminder that parties must disclose all material facts to their insurers when entering into a policy of insurance or face … Continue reading

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Large-scale redundancies: It’s a crime!

If you are a keen follower of news from the City then you will regard as “old news” the announcement of the resignation of Dave Forsey as company secretary of Mash Holdings.  For the uninitiated, Mash Holdings is Mike Ashley’s … Continue reading

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The Price of Dishonesty in Divorce – Part 2

A landmark decision handed down by seven Supreme Court Justices has enabled two divorcees to have their cases re-opened. This to allow them to seek larger payouts as a result of their former husband’s dishonesty when disclosing financial information in … Continue reading

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The Consumer Rights Act 2015

£90 billion pounds is spent by consumers in the UK every month.  This figure is not surprising with more choice and variety of products being available online and now being able to shop wherever you are on a smart phone … Continue reading

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