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The end of the Annual Return

In a bid to reduce the administrative burden faced by UK companies, and to create greater transparency as to the ownership and control of UK companies, a number of changes designed to simplify a company and/or LLP’s filing requirements that … Continue reading

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When the bite is worse than the bark

At one point or another, the unfortunate amongst us, have had to put up with noisy neighbours.  In the recent case of Cocking -v- Eacott, the noisy neighbour in question was a pet terrier owned by Ms Eacott. Ms Eacott’s … Continue reading

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Bored of your savings account interest? Scared of the FTSE? Worried about house prices? Why not consider a forestry investment?

If you are in the fortunate position of having some money to invest, deciding where to invest it with any sort of sensible return is extremely difficult. Forestry sounds like it is the investment of rural types who know their … Continue reading

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If it ain’t broke, should British football Brexit?

The right of citizens of European Union (“EU”) member states to move freely about Europe for employment purposes is one of the four fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the EU and in the world of football, is at the heart of … Continue reading

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Financial Storm for Wind Turbine Tycoon

In March of last year, a woman’s right to lodge a claim for financial provision more than 2 decades after her divorce was finalised was unanimously upheld by the Supreme Court. .  Lord Wilson verified Ms Wyatt’s claim as … Continue reading

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Cybercrime and the Legal Sector

Cybercrime is the fastest growing area of crime in the world, as criminals find and exploit internet loopholes, and take advantage of people doing business at a distance using only electronic communication. The most common classes of cybercrime are online … Continue reading

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Contracts can be a bind

I recently posted a blog on restrictive covenants and the government’s view that they may be stifling competition.  This question has to be debated and resolved but for now restrictive covenants remain part of the employment landscape. I regularly advise … Continue reading

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