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Death Bed Gifts – Can dying wishes be challenged?

Often when dealing with will or beneficiary disputes we hear claims of the deceased, in their final days, telling their family and friends what they want them to have when they die, even if this contradicts their will or the … Continue reading

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Tattoo’ll do nicely! Or will it?

Research published this week by the conciliation service, Acas, suggests that some UK employers’ attitudes towards people with tattoos are becoming outdated – and those employers are missing out on talent. In recent years tattoos have broken into the mainstream … Continue reading

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Don’t Burn Your Cakes

Have you managed by some miracle to avoid the furore which surrounds the Bake Off, or The Great British Bake Off as it is properly entitled? News of its sale to Channel 4 has reached unprecedented levels of media coverage … Continue reading

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Squatters Rights – The Principle, Process and Practical Application of Adverse Possession

The Principle  Adverse possession is a principle of property law that applies to both residential and commercial property. It is the legal basis on which ‘squatters rights’ can be claimed for land that is occupied by somebody who is not … Continue reading

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Defender of Parents’ rights or Enemy of the State?

As any parent will know, booking a holiday outside term time can be an expensive business, whether or not you plan to travel abroad.  A recent judgment has put the issue in the spotlight once again. In what could be … Continue reading

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Bristol Rovers 0 – Sainsbury’s Supermarkets 1

The phrases “to use all reasonable endeavours” and “to act in good faith” are legal terms that can often be found in contracts.  But what do they actually mean?  This was a question which the Court of Appeal had to … Continue reading

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