Digital Legacy Planning

Whilst we deal with our bank accounts, property etc in our wills, the repeated question is what happens to our online accounts and assets upon our death? These accounts and assets can include our Paypal accounts, online gambling accounts, Facebook posts and pictures, iTunes and Kindle books.

In the Digital Death Survey 2015, 75% of people said it was important to them to be able to view a deceased friend’s online profile on sites such as Facebook or Instagram. As our online accounts don’t automatically continue after our death, it’s important to plan and understand how our accounts can be used once we die.

Facebook can be used to notify people of your death and share your pictures and memories. Once Facebook have been notified of your death, they will block access to your account. You can nominate for your page to be memorialised in your lifetime.  This will mean that people can post messages to your account, view your pictures and a nominated person, called a Legacy Contact, will be able to access your account and send messages on your behalf.

Unfortunately, Twitter will not allow your account to be accessed by anyone upon your death, they will only allow your account to be deactivated.  Websites, such as Instagram, will allow for your account to be memorialised or deactivated upon your death.

It seems that there are various rules for all online accounts and therefore it is important to make plans and understand what happens to your online accounts during your lifetime.

Lucy Rigden

Lucy Rigden

Lucy Rigden

Private Client Team
0113 227 9263

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