The use of videos to say goodbye

An increasingly popular online tool is the use of ‘ethical will videos’.  These ‘ethical wills’ are being used by people around the world to pass on life lessons and values and leave important messages in their own words to others upon their death.  ‘Deadsocial’ have created a space where a person can create their own ‘ethical will’ video and they arrange for these to be released to different online accounts upon their death.  The videos allow the deceased person to say goodbye, pass on words of wisdom and allow their family and friends to have a video to remember their loved one by.

For anyone who has seen or read PS I Love You, these videos bear similarities to those letters which kept arriving every month after the husband’s death.  However, it should be noted that these videos will not give you flowers, birthday cakes or holidays to Ireland! A query which has been raised is whether these videos will be used as a similar method to help our loved ones throughout the grieving process or whether they will become a tool for those to hold on to the deceased for as long as possible and inevitably delay the grieving process.  Either way these videos can be used as an acceptance tool in the lead up to someone’s death and also a healing tool for their families.

If you are interested in creating your own ‘ethical wills’ or would like to watch examples, please visit:

However, it is important to note that these ‘ethical wills’ are simply messages and wishes. For any of your wishes to be legally binding, with regards to actual assets, then such details must be included in a valid will.

Annie Beaumont

Annie Beaumont

Annie Beaumont
Private Client Team
0113 227 9269

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