Chinese Village’s Rush for Divorce

Divorce is something that should be given serious thought, so we were surprised to hear of what’s been happening in the small Chinese village of Jiangbei recently.

In the village, a mass of couples are filing for divorce in the hope of striking it rich. This comes after the news that the area is being demolished to make way for a new high-tech industrial zone.

Compensation has been offered to the residents of Jiangbei in the form of one 220 square metre house, but the savvy villagers have realised that they could qualify for 2 homes if they were divorced. If single residents were to receive a new house by way of compensation while married couples were limited one co-owned home, then a divorced couple could surely claim compensation as singles. The expectation is that divorced couples could claim an additional 70 square metre property and also some cash in compensation.

As a result, several dozen couples have filed for divorce, but this isn’t a case of money over love – many couples have stated they will continue to live together and expect to remarry at a later date. It remains to be seen whether any of the divorced couples will really obtain the additional compensation, but it seems the villagers are willing to take the risk.

Sarah Scullion

Sarah Scullion

Sarah Scullion
Family Team
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