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Is the law governing boundary disputes about to change?

Boundary disputes are a bit like “The ‘X’ Factor”. Emotionally draining for all parties involved, they take a long time to resolve and when the winner is finally announced, most people aren’t that thrilled with the outcome. In fact, sometimes … Continue reading

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The GDPR – a guide for park owners

It may not be the first thing a park owner thinks about, but data protection laws here in the UK apply as much to holiday and home parks as they do to any other business sector.  In May next year … Continue reading

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Rugby Union doing a ‘Neymar’

There has been something in the water this summer, in the parallel transfer markets of rugby union and football. In the latter, Neymar Jr. transferred to PSG in a deal worth an eye-watering £370m, a sum of money inconceivable within … Continue reading

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