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The GDPR – a guide for park owners

It may not be the first thing a park owner thinks about, but data protection laws here in the UK apply as much to holiday and home parks as they do to any other business sector.  In May next year … Continue reading

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Rugby Union doing a ‘Neymar’

There has been something in the water this summer, in the parallel transfer markets of rugby union and football. In the latter, Neymar Jr. transferred to PSG in a deal worth an eye-watering £370m, a sum of money inconceivable within … Continue reading

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Foot Dragging On Mediation Will Not Be Tolerated

The Court of Appeal recently reminded litigants that they must give mediation proper consideration and that anything less will result in cost penalties being imposed. In the recent case of Thakkar v Patel, the claimant owned a building that was … Continue reading

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Naming or shaming?

Choosing baby names: a legal battle in the making? Adolf, Elvis, Madonna.  Upon hearing these names most of us will immediately think of the public figures behind them.  But why do we automatically draw (good or bad) connotations from names?  … Continue reading

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Weet-a-bots – cereals in disguise

The recent seizing of 300 boxes of Weetabix by New Zealand customs officials has highlighted the importance of brand protection and ensuring that your brand is protected in all territories in which you trade. The boxes of Weetabix were imported … Continue reading

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Dance of the Corporate Veils

The “corporate veil” is the principle by which the liabilities of a limited company cannot be pursued against directors or shareholders, who are not personally liable for actions conducted within the normal course of their roles. UK legal history includes … Continue reading

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Choppers no longer grounded

Noisy neighbours can be a real problem for those unfortunate enough to have to live next door to them.  Going to court to deal with the problem is always a last resort.  If you do however need to pursue court … Continue reading

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