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The difference between defamation and malicious falsehood

If someone makes a false statement about an individual or company then that statement could either be defamatory or a malicious falsehood either of which could lead to a claim for damages and/or an injunction against the wrongdoer.  But what … Continue reading

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Child Maintenance Clampdown – will it pay off?

Recovering unpaid money One of the ways the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) can recover money from a parent who has fallen into arrears with child maintenance payments is by taking money from their bank or building society account. However, money … Continue reading

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Five Alternatives to a standard burial

Around the world over 150,000 die every day and as space for traditional burials becomes sparse (it is estimated that half of the UK’s cemeteries will be full by 2020) cremation has been the growing alternative; seen as potentially more … Continue reading

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It Is Not Necessarily Where you Live

In a surprising decision to some, the High Court has ruled that a Russian businessman living and working in Russia is domiciled in England and therefore subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts. In the case of Bestolov v … Continue reading

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How to Suspend an Employee Lawfully

Often seen as a protective measure, suspension is primarily used by employers to carry out investigations into allegations of misconduct in instances where the employee’s continued presence may impede those investigations or pose a risk to the interests of the … Continue reading

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What does the Autumn Budget 2017 mean for my business?

In the UK’s current landscape of austerity and uncertainty, with Brexit looming, small businesses across the UK were hoping for a ray of light from Chancellor Phillip Hammond, dubbed ‘Spreadsheet Phil’. Carl D’Ammassa, Managing Director of Business Finance at Aldermore, … Continue reading

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Fake News: How can the government ensure that the truth wins out?

The concept of “fake news” came to the forefront of public consciousness during the 2016 US Presidential Election campaign and in particular the rise of Donald Trump. Its profile has risen exponentially to the extent that the term “fake news” … Continue reading

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